COST Action BEAT-PCD aims to develop research for treatments for PCD because it facilitates networking of clinicians, basic and clinical researchers from a variety of disciplines and patient organisations in a non-competitive collaboration. It compliments and builds on, but does not duplicate work within other collaborations.

Through exchange of ideas, techniques, materials and people the Action will identify and address gaps in knowledge, resources and expertise.  COST Action will develop an innovative training program for Early Stage Researchers (ESR) which, with the Action’s network of experts, consensus guidelines, standardised protocols and infrastructure, will underpin a global translational research program of PCD led by European researchers. As a first step, >50 leading experts in PCD (including adult and paediatric pulmonologists, ENT physicians, epidemiologists, social scientists, basic scientists) from >14 European countries met in September 2013 to design a conceptual framework for future joint research on PCD across the life course. 

SYSCILIA, ERS TF [current and original] and BESTCILIA partners worked with others to develop the proposal, ensuring the COST Management Committee has the experience and motivation to drive further innovations. The advantages of this coordinated approach include an accelerated translational research programme for PCD with avoidance of unnecessary replication, and the optimal use of limited resources. It will thereby enhance scientific and translational output.